Wednesday, 18 March 2015

I Love Colour - 3


It's time for another colour combination challenge and this month it did prove to be a challenge.  Here is the colour combination I was working from 

I knew that I didn't have very many orangey coloured inks, but I thought that I'd be able to find two that would match fairly closely.  This did not prove to be the case and I was beginning to think that I would need to choose a different colour scheme. 

Originally, I had thought that I would be using inks for all the posts in this series, but coming up against a problem so soon made me realise that I needed to 'open up' the supplies that I use to include all my colouring materials.  

Watercolour pencils proved to be the solution.  I like working with these pencils and use them either as a colouring pencil that I blend out with water, or I sometimes get the pigment straight from the pencil tip.  In this case, I didn't use water at all but instead I used a blending pen. 

Here's the finished item and I think that the colours are a really good match for my guide colours.

Thank you for checking in to see the continuing colour series and I hope you'll look in again next month to see what colours I'll be using.

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